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Tapered Tuning Wrench

Tapered Tuning Wrench


Of course one tuning wrench comes with your harp but even Piper (seen here indicating that the walnut wrench is her favorite) knows that everyone who plays the harp should probably have more than one.

Rees tapered wrenches come in walnut, cherry and maple so for your second wrench you can order one that matches your harp or one that contrasts, whichever strikes your fancy.

Rees tuning wrenches are unusual in that they are not unusual at all. While most other harp companies use wrenches that are specifically made for their pins, we do it the other way around. We have pins made which are matched to the single most common wrench in the musical instrument world, the drum key. Literally any regular instrument store in the world carries drum keys and those drum keys will work on your Rees Aberdeen, Mariposa, Shaylee, Glen Aulin and Corlieu harps. Our Rees tapered tuning wrenches are prettier and the "T" configuration is easier on your hand but the fact is, if you lose your wrench a quick trip to the local guitar shop will solve any immediate wrench-less state.

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