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Additional Full String Set

Additional Full String Set

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Your Rees Concert Line harp comes with a complete set of strings installed but every harper should have additional strings to use as a replacement should a string break. It is worth noting that strings seem to know when you have an important occasion planned and every so often one string will give its life right before the gig that has been making you nervous for a month. Harp strings are not like guitar or violin strings. Monofilament nylon strings never need to be replaced unless they break. Wrapped strings need to be replaced if the wrap at the top or bottom of the string comes loose or, as routine maintenance, every couple of years depending upon how much you play.

If you are unsure of the model of your harp include the serial number, from the lutherie tag inside the soundbox of your harp, and the total string count in the notes section of the shopping cart for this site.

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Models marked with a (D) are not part of our current harp line but, as will all Rees Concert Line Harps, we remain more than happy to continue to support them in every way.