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Bark! Ellie Speaks

Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, Ellie, blogs about everything at Rees from her unique viewpoint. Ellie is a golden doodle dog and will be a service dog when she grows up.

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Ellie, William’s service dog-in-training, has her own perspective on the going’s-on at Rees Harps. As the official Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, you can count on Ellie to be in the middle of everything with something funny to say. Unfortunately, Mew, one of the Rees Harps cats, has Ellie’s blog password so occasionally, Mew provides what she believes to be the necessary counterweight. To read each of Ellie’s weekly posts, click on the photo.

Love what you Do

As you know, I have a very important job. I am the Enthusiasm Coordinator for Rees Harps, a harp lutherie in Rising Sun, Indiana, USA. (“Lutherie” is a fancy word for a place where string instruments are built.) It is my job to always be happy, energetic, silly, playful, and lovable. As you can imagine, it is really tough. Especially for a “duppy” like me. (Puppy + Dog = Duppy)


While this job is hard, it is so rewarding. I get to come in to the shop every day with my pack leader, William and help make sure the harps are built by people who are happy and enjoy their work. Sometimes, I will just lay by someone’s feet so they know they have a friend. Other times, I will initiate a game of fetch (you know, where they throw a toy and I run to get it and keep it forever without giving it back to them) or catch with Garen. But sometimes, I want to help. William won’t let me touch the harps yet (he says I have too much energy. How is that a bad thing??? It’s not like I’d run into one and break it!…. okay… maybe my tail would… but I can’t control it when I get excited!!!) so I have to find other ways to help. Today, for example, I am helping Joann cut foam to ship the harps with. It’s a great job, she LOVES my help, and I love knowing that I am making her job easier!

All in all, I love my job. I love the people I get to work with. I love the harps I get to look at (and maybe touch one day… a dog can dream, right?). I love living in Rising Sun (except when it get’s hot…)

So next time you take your harp out to play it, or when you first take it out of the box, you can be sure that it was made with love and enthusiasm.

You know, I’d love to see pictures and videos of you with your harp! It would make me so happy to know that the people playing these harps are just as happy and enthusiastic as the people that make them :) Post a photo below in the comments, or send us a message so we can see you loving your harp!