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Rees Harps Occasional Blog (or Blog-ish)

Rees Harps occasional blog or, as we call it, blog-ish.

Lever harps are often also called Irish harps or Celtic harps. We are also the makers of Harpsicle® Harps. Rees has been building harps since 1972. Our harps are hand crafted in Rising Sun, Indiana, United States.


An occasional blog about happenings at Rees Harps. To see each individual post, click on the photo.

Barking at Bunny TV

You know that suuuuuper sharp bark some dogs have? It's the kind that cleaves right through you like an aural axe. Just as I sat down to write this there it was, "Bark! Bark!" To summarize my current state of mind let's just go with I'm "wide awake." Very, very, awake.

But the fact is, as I look across my office to the doorway and the other side of the child gate which blessedly prevents incursion, William's new puppy, Ellie, isn't looking at me at all. She's watching Bunny TV. There are two channels here. In this room there is the Mercy and David channel. The Tulip and Carlos channel is down the hall. Ellie gets very involved. Apparently, the programming is compelling. The rabbits fluctuate between annoyed and more annoyed. 

Ellie is only 19 weeks old. She is a chocolate-colored golden doodle who looks very standard poodl-ie. Many of you will have met Eleanor, William's service dog, who passed away two years ago. It took a long time for William to recover enough to be willing to bring a new dog into our lives. Ellie is brilliant. She already knows sit, come, stay, excuse me and is pretty good with the accompanying hand commands. She is working on heeling. The challenge is "down." Ellie is enthusiastic. About everything. For our European customers, think of the biggest Eurovision fan you know and go bigger...that's Ellie.

Ellie goes to work with William every day so those of you visiting in the future will have the opportunity to meet her. She will NOT jump on you. She will have "down" mastered by then. theory. The rest of you will have to settle for occasional postings about her to our Instagram feeds. William is particularly proud that there has been a substantial reduction in attacks upon us by pink dragons. Ellie is extremely brave and patrols diligently. It's grueling work. Pink dragons are the difficult kind.

Ellie with a recently subdued pink dragon.

Ellie with a recently subdued pink dragon.

Speaking of rabbits, anyone coming to my office can stop and visit with our newest addition, Carlos Lop-ez, International Bunny of Mystery. His moniker was revealed to us when he unveiled his patented move, the Carlos Woosh. Normally, when even a tiny bunny is moving very fast across a floor it sounds as if invisible elephants are providing the soundtrack. Not so with Carlos. When startled Carlos will briefly crouch down while simultaneously ascertaining his most optimal escape pattern. Then, he shoots up onto his toes and I have absolutely no idea what comes after that. Whatever it is it's silent and blindingly fast. He becomes a blur of white. Or not. Who can tell? One moment he is there and the next moment, with no sound whatsoever, he is simply gone. Poof! Well, actually, "woosh." A friend suggested that I get video. Yeah, like that's realistic.

Carlos Lop-ez, International Bunny of Mystery relaxes confidently knowing that he can Woosh at will.

I'll have a TON of new news about harps on 10 August, when we officially roll-out our new Harpsicle® Harps website. It's up now but still being refined. When we roll it out on the 10th we will have contests and prizes, just as we did a year ago when this site was new. We have fun things in the works and some new harps too so stay tuned!

Cheers! - Pamela Rees