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Bark! Ellie Speaks

Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, Ellie, blogs about everything at Rees from her unique viewpoint. Ellie is a golden doodle dog and will be a service dog when she grows up.

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Ellie, William’s service dog-in-training, has her own perspective on the going’s-on at Rees Harps. As the official Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, you can count on Ellie to be in the middle of everything with something funny to say. Unfortunately, Mew, one of the Rees Harps cats, has Ellie’s blog password so occasionally, Mew provides what she believes to be the necessary counterweight. To read each of Ellie’s weekly posts, click on the photo.

The Grass Is Greener…

David snuggles with Mercy with his feet kicked out.

David snuggles with Mercy with his feet kicked out.

I don’t mean to cast aspersions, but when you have bunnies in your family, it’s the bunnies who run the place. Oh, they look cute and casual, all stretched out with their back feet extended and their tails completely relaxed, but the reality is they are keeping tabs on everything at all times. It’s genius.

For some dogs, this would be a problem but I look on the bright side. I have so much to learn from our family bunnies so I watch them as often as I can. Pamela says I’m watching Bunny TV because I sit on one side of the bunny gates and the bunnies are running around in their rooms on the other side of the gates. I have to tell you, life is definitely greener on the other side of the fence. This is in no small part due to the massive green salads the bunnies receive each night (tailored to their individual tastes, of course) and the big piles of green timothy hay that are in the bunny litter boxes.

Me, looking excitedly over the bunny gate

Me, looking excitedly over the bunny gate

So. Much. Green!!!

Well, this week I had an unusual opportunity so I decided to take advantage of it. I thought it was an enormous success but I must admit that William, my beloved pack leader, was much less impressed. I’ll leave it for you to decide what you think.

There is a fresh, clean bunny litter box which is filled with some wood stove pellets and then topped with plenty of that tempting green timothy hay. It’s just sitting in the corner of a room. There is a rumor that we are getting a new bunny but for now, it’s just a box of hay in a room. Sitting there. Doing nothing. At all. Just right there. Alone. … … … … calling my name.

So I got busy.

Carlos Lop-ez expresses his angst with his hay distribution efforts.

Carlos Lop-ez expresses his angst with his hay distribution efforts.

Pamela was away. William was asleep. I put my plan into action. I was so excited I’m sure that lots of prancing was involved. (Editor’s note: the prancing has been verified by William who remembers hearing prancing through the haze of sleep. Next time he has promised himself he will remember to associate prancing with a reason to fully wake up.) I pranced all over the house and everywhere I went I carried with me a big mouthful of that hay from the abandoned box. It made crunchy noises. It smelled good. It flew around so I could chase it. In general, it was great fun. No wonder the bunnies love it so much!

The only thing I don’t understand is the taste. Bunnies eat hay. A lot. Every single day. I have to say, I really don’t get the attraction. At all. Still, the hay is fun and I had a memorable evening. In fact, it turns out that it is memorable for the whole family! Pamela is back and both she and William have had plenty to say about my hay escapade.

In summary, the hay IS greener on the other side of the fence―and all over the house too! Plus, there’s still that new bunny rumor. Stay tuned!