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Bark! Ellie Speaks

Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, Ellie, blogs about everything at Rees from her unique viewpoint. Ellie is a golden doodle dog and will be a service dog when she grows up.

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Ellie, William’s service dog-in-training, has her own perspective on the going’s-on at Rees Harps. As the official Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, you can count on Ellie to be in the middle of everything with something funny to say. Unfortunately, Mew, one of the Rees Harps cats, has Ellie’s blog password so occasionally, Mew provides what she believes to be the necessary counterweight. To read each of Ellie’s weekly posts, click on the photo.

Busy Busy Busy!

January is our busiest month of the year. When I say “our” I am not just talking about my pack at home, I mean all of us who work for Rees Harps. This is my first January, so watching it all happen as a newbie is pretty crazy. You see, January is the month of NAMM. I didn’t know what NAMM was until last month and now it’s all anyone here can talk about!

In case you are like me, I’ll explain. The #NAMMShow is a gigantic conference (and I mean “King-sized Kong OVERFLOWING with peanut butter” big) for the musical instrument industry. Most of the companies that make instruments, accessories, or associated equipment get together and all the buyers from music stores all around the world come and look at the available products. Pamela told me 100,000 people are all in one place and most of them are playing music (I could make SO MANY people-friends!!!). She said I wouldn’t like it though because with all of those people in one place playing all of those different instruments (apparently many of which are MUCH louder and more boisterous than the beautiful harps that we make here) it get’s really, REALLY loud. Apparently, there are even NAMM Noise Police!


Anywho, this is our first year with a triple booth. (I think that means everybody gets 3 dog treats when they stop by, though I’m not entirely sure…) Pamela said they had a double booth in the past, so everyone has been working really hard completely redesigning the space (you know, so they can give out more dog treats… yummmm). They have a new backdrop and some new booth furniture. I wanted to jump up on the new chairs, but nobody would let me! I’m so excited to see how it all looks so Melissa has promised to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram so we can all see what it looks like.

When everything was all finished and ready to go, Garen spent almost two days in gigantic crates getting all our gear carefully packed in. My job was to make sure everyone was enthusiastic from beginning to end. It was touch and go some days but I think we all did pretty well. I had to work really hard making the truck driver enthusiastic, though. I had to get really close to the truck and the crates and lifts to get him excited and enthusiastic about everything - this was the hardest I’ve had to work! Melissa said she was worried about me getting hurt so she made me stay behind a bunch of boxes. I think she was afraid I was going to sneak on and go all the way to California in the truck.

So, now our crates are headed to Anaheim, California. There will be lots of news from there so stay tuned to our Facebook pages, and Instagram and Twitter accounts. NAMM starts on the 24th of January. Since William and I will be staying home, I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures too. I’m pretty sure I would be a terrific addition to our NAMM team but maybe I have to wait until I am two.

OH! I forgot to mention that there was LOTS of snow here! It is the most I have ever seen and at first I was a little hesitant but then I just enjoyed it for the gigantic toy it is. William took some video and photos for you.


Is this what they mean by “Snow Shoes?”

Is this what they mean by “Snow Shoes?”