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Bark! Ellie Speaks

Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, Ellie, blogs about everything at Rees from her unique viewpoint. Ellie is a golden doodle dog and will be a service dog when she grows up.

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Ellie, William’s service dog-in-training, has her own perspective on the going’s-on at Rees Harps. As the official Rees Harps Enthusiasm Coordinator, you can count on Ellie to be in the middle of everything with something funny to say. Unfortunately, Mew, one of the Rees Harps cats, has Ellie’s blog password so occasionally, Mew provides what she believes to be the necessary counterweight. To read each of Ellie’s weekly posts, click on the photo.

* Snow *

Me with my good friend Tiffany and the sweater she got me!

Me with my good friend Tiffany and the sweater she got me!

The craziest things happened to me the other day. I’m still trying to figure it all out!

First, my friend Tiffany, who works at Rees, got me a sweater. (How nice is that!!!) I’m used to wearing a vest because I am a service dog-in-training, but this is different. It’s fuzzy and soft (which was super nice!) but also really warm. I have to admit that as much as I love Tiffany, I HATE being too warm. Amazingly, Tiffany is good at thinking ahead because just in time for the arrival of the warm sweater, it started getting really cold outside – even colder than air conditioning! Pamela says, like her, I’m a “Winter Girl.” I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

Anyway, back to the sweater, it had this funny design on it that made everyone at Rees laugh. I’m not sure what it said, nobody would tell me! Maybe you can help me figure it out?

Then, William and Pamela brought a tree into the parlor and started hanging things from it! How weird is that? To make matters worse, I’m not allowed in that room! (More on that terrible new development later but I’ll give you a preview, it has something to do with the “Tail Of Death!” I have a tail and it’s a very good tail. It’s a little hard to keep track of sometimes but I’m sure it hasn’t ever killed anyone. I’m willing to admit I too have concerns about this Tail Of Death so maybe it is better to stay out of the parlor. If there’s a Tail Of Death in there I don’t want it anywhere near my tail!)

While the humans have been making these changes in the house, they have also been telling me stories about this man who lives where it is VERY cold (doesn’t that sound wonderful!) and he visits everyone once a year giving them toys and gifts and all sorts of neat things. I can’t WAIT to see what he brings me!!! They were telling me his name is Saffy… or Mantle… or Sampa… or hmm…. those aren’t right… oh yes! SANTA!!! Well, anywho, when I was out wearing my new sweater, I think I saw HIS HAT! I SAW SANTA’S HAT!!!!!! I kept watching it, hoping he would come back to get it, but he never did. Still, I’m a very determined puppy so I sat there and sat there… and sat there some more. The colder it gets the more I think he’ll need that hat so keeping an eye on it is my newest hobby.

I found Santa’s hat!!!!

I found Santa’s hat!!!!

Here’s the best part, after all of that, something absolutely unexpected started to happen. You’re going to think that I’m crazy when I tell you… The Sky Began To Fall!!!!! I know, I know… how can that happen?!?!?! I don’t know how! But it did! It fell in little, white, cold, fluffy pieces. I didn’t know what to do! William was calling it “snow” and with a little encouragement from him I mustered up the courage to touch it with my paw. Next I licked-up a whole line of it. Then I went to the edge of the porch and just sat there and watched it fall. It was magical. I think I found my new favorite thing!

It was a very eventful week and I’m exhausted from it. I’d love to hear your experiences with snow and these odd new house-decorations!