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Website Birthday Bash Quiz Winner and Answers

Rees Harps Website Birthday Bash Quiz winner and quiz answers.

Rees Harps Website Birthday Bash Quiz Winner

and Quiz Answers

Congratulations Martha.jpeg

This is SO AWESOME!!! We want to give our warmest congratulations to Martha Einan for submitting all of the correct answers to the quiz at 1:22PM on Saturday, 17 June 2017.  Martha has won a $1000 credit toward the purchase of any Rees harp. This quiz wasn't easy so Martha take a deep bow and perhaps a bit of a leap up into the air. Well. Done!!!

Quiz Answers and the Associated Links

Below are the answers to the quiz and links to where the answers are on our site. The really tough questions ended-up not necessarily being the ones which we expected. We never imagined that #4 would be so challenging or that some folks would have difficulty finding the nearest airport using Google Maps on our "Contact Us" page. We did think the regulation question, #15, would be a difficult one and that turned out to be the case in a couple of heartbreakingly close cases. 

Most importantly, we truly want to thank everyone who participated. We were both honored and floored by the tremendous response. It was both tense (as we rooted for each of you) and fun for us too. We hope it was for you as well. It seems we'll have to do this again. Perhaps this same time next year? What do you think?

Until then, cheers and love from all at Rees Harps!

1. What is the lowest string on a Rees Mariposa Concert Line Harp?:  one version goes to C and the other to A (either answer is correct)

2. How wide is the shoulder of the Rees Aberdeen Concert Line Harp?: 3.5" or 8.9cm

3. What is one technique you can use to play a double harp that is different than a single-course harp?:  (any one of these is correct) play directly across, optional tunings including chromatic, accidentals in one side, echo and tremolo effects

4. Who is Missy?: Kathleen Brodzick's dog

5. How many strings does Jana Bauerova's Rees harp have?: 30

6. What kind of sharping lever cannot be used on a double harp?: Camac

7. What is the major common element between the soundboard of a Rees Concert Line Harp and a violin?: both have asymmetrical elements (the word asymmetrical is sufficient)

8. Give two reasons we do not use spruce for our soundboards.: (any two of these three answers) threatened species, splits easily, doesn't sound as good

9. If you have shallow, vertical cracks at the base of your soundboard, is that a problem?: no

10. What is a good way to know if the air is too dry (humidity too low) for your harp?: skin and lips are dry and need extra lotion

11. What is the major commercial airport closest to us and where can you access this information on our site?: CVG, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky and it's on the map on our Contact Us page,  (we will also accept Cincinnati Municipal Airport)

12. What is the first thing to consider when ordering a new harp?: What you plan to do with it.

13. If your harp has a buzz is it always a problem with the harp?: no, sometimes it really is the player over-playing the harp ("no" is sufficient) or something in the room is vibrating (we accept just "no" or either of the longer answers)

14. What kind of string spacing do we use?: graduated

15. If you raise a bridge pin what happens to the voice of the associated string?: lowers the pitch

16. What is one disadvantage of a carbon fiber harp compared to a wood harp?: wood has air pockets and imperfections which "color" the voice of the harp (any words which describe this are acceptable)

17. What is unusual about the Rees Concert Line Harp Warranty?:  it is a lifetime warranty, also, it's transferable (either answer is correct)

18. Of our standard ornamentation, which is your favorite?:  any standard ornamentation is correct here

19. Rees harps are now __________- free and have no _________ added. : gluten, sugar; This is, of course, a joke which we put up on a whiteboard sign at the end of NAMM one year. The reason for having the question is just to find out if the page where the sign is pictured was seen my those taking the quiz.

20. Are we open on Saturday, 2 September 2017?: no (closed for Labor Day)

21. Of our wood choices which is your favorite?: any of our woods is correct here

22. Why is it a disadvantage to taper the back of a harp away from the soundboard?: because the human ear needs all the help it can get to hear bass tones and soundboards need the reinforcement of the added vibrations reflected back from the back (or any words which communicate this idea)

23. Name one problem with listening to an mp3 clip of a harp.: the harp can only sound as good as the computer speakers or any harp can sound good after the mp3 is cleaned-up in editing (either answer is correct)

24. What is special about the tuning wrenches for our bigger harps?: they aren't "special at all" they are drum keys

25. In what year did William sell his first harp?: 1972