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Fishman SA330 Stick Amp

Fishman SA330 Stick Amp


We have listened to many amplifiers with harps and most of them add a lot to the base range of the harp while making the overall instrument sound less balanced and sweet. We like this Fishman amp because the harps sound "true" and the design of the amp lends itself to small and medium size venues where lever harps are most commonly heard. This 330 watt bi-amped unit also has a dedicated subwoofer output so your harp will easily have voice enough to fill a room and charm your whole audience.

The dimensions of the amp are 41.4 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and 6.7 inches deep (105.2cm x 14cm x 17cm) The amp itself weighs 19.9 pounds (8.98kg) and comes with the stand and a padded, wheeled carrying bag. The amp, stand and bag weigh a combined 27.5 pounds (12.47kg). We can tell you that members of our staff (and not just the young, fit ones) can easily carry our 36-string Aberdeen Meadows Harp in a bag on one shoulder while pulling this amp with the other hand all the way across a massive convention heels. Seriously. Been there. Done that.

The Fishman amp lends a polished, professional look and sound to any gig.

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Controls on the front of the amp allow for two lines in. Control settings include:  monitor volume, mute, aux in, and monitor in. For each of two channels you can adjust gain, high, mid, low, anti-feedback notch and reverb. Each channel also has pad/clip, phase, low cut and phantom selectors.

The back of the amp has additional jack ports for aux in and a foot switch, an accessory port (for Fishman accessories), and a small dial to select tweeter sensitivity. There are XLR ports for sub out, DI out (pre) for both channels, mix DI out (post), as well as monitor in and out. 

The wheeled, padded bag has plenty of storage for extra cables and other gig supplies. The stand is very sturdy and adjusts in height so that the amp can be raised or lowered depending upon the needs of a specific room.