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Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic Tuner


A chromatic tuner makes tuning easy. These clip-on Snark tuners have padded ends so you can attach the tuner to any part of your harp without damaging the finish. Many chromatic tuners do a terrible job sensing the wide frequency band of harps, in particular the high strings. This little Snark gives great value for dollar and is the very best of the inexpensive chromatic tuners on the market. For professionals we recommend having more than one tuner so that you can never be stuck at gigs with a lost tuner or a dead battery. (Speaking of batteries, we also carry the replacement battery for your Snark tuner so that you don't have to track down the right one.)

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Chromatic Tuners and High Strings

Are you having trouble getting your electronic tuner to work on the higher strings?  Here are some tips that will help.

1. Clip the tuner at the access hole on the back of the harp or better yet, if your harp is small and you can still see the tuner, clip it to the midrib inside the harp where the string notes are located.  

2. A clear tone is important on the higher strings.  Pluck the higher strings very lightly with your fingernail creating a clear bell like ring.  If you start getting frustrated and plucking more vigorously or with the flesh of the finger you defeat your purpose because the string tone will wobble. So go back to plucking lightly with the fingernail creating that ringing tone.  

3. Also the lower strings may produce sympathetic vibrations while tuning the higher strings.  This can confuse the tuner  shutting down the signal completely.  Muting the lower strings with your hand or a cloth, if your harp is lying on its side, will help.  

4. And ----- somedays a tuner will just mess with you because it wants to and it can.