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Roland CUBE Street EX

Roland CUBE Street EX


The Roland CUBE Street EX is a significant step up from the CUBE Street and is rapidly overtaking the popular CUBE Street among harpers. The lightweight and easily portable CUBE Street EX operates both via an AC plug or with 8 AA batteries (standard or Ni-MH). This is a 50 watt amp which is jam packed with options as well as being compatible with Roland's free CUBE JAM iPhone/iPad for recording or playing along with backing music tracks.

The CUBE Street EX supports four independent channels, a built-in EQ and pre-amp and has two XLR mic inputs. You can run your whole band off this one amp! We also carry the optional stand so the amp can be raised up to improve projection as well as the water resistant carrying case.

From the Roland site this is a terrific video showing how the features of this amp work together.

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Weight:  16 pounds 6 ounces (7.4kg)

Dimensions:  12.06 inches tall x 19.31 inches wide x 13.44 inches deep (30.63cm x 49.05cm x 34.14cm)

Easily accessible on the top of the CUBE Street EX: the power switch ad power usage setting; mute; line in (stereo); audio in and volume; mic/instrument input with volume,EQ, chorus, reverb and amp adjustments; a second mic/instrument input with volume, EQ and reverb. The comfortable carrying handle is also on the top.

The back of the CUBE Street EX has a lot going on too. There is a removable battery pack that makes it easy to swap out the batteries during a gig. There are ports for DC in, headphones, aux in, R & L line out, and two foot switch ports. There is also a stereo link switch.

It is easy to raise the CUBE Street EX up and give the sound deeper projection into a room by using the optional Roland Speaker Stand. The speaker has a hole on one end and just slips over the top of the speaker stand. It is really easy to set-up and equally easy to take down at the end of your gig.

The free Roland CUBE JAM app turns your iPhone or iPad both into a recording device and into a minus-one playback system for backing instruments and for learning. All you do is connect your iOS device with a standard audio jack and you are good to go!