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Roland CUBE Street

Roland CUBE Street


The Roland CUBE Street is a terrific amplifier for small gigs and even for busking. It can be plugged in or used with 8 batteries (standard or Ni-MH) and it weighs just a hair over 13 lbs (5.9kg)! The reason this amp is so popular with harpists is that even though it is small it sounds much bigger than its size would have you believe and it has a great group of built-in options including two channels and EQ. This is a perfect amp for that intimate outdoor wedding job!


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Weight:  13.06 pounds (5.9kg)

Dimensions:  16.38" wide x 11.63 in deep x 9.88 inches high (41.61cm x 29.54cm x 25.10cm)

On top of the Roland CUBE Street, where they are easy to reach are the following controls:  power switch; instrument channel EQ, volume, gain, effects; and mic/instrument volume, EQ and effects. The ports for two channel inputs, stereo aux in and headphones are also right there under your hand. The comfortable handle is on top of the amp as well.

The back of the Roland CUBE Street has the easy to open battery compartment for six AA batteries, the DC in port and the ports for two foot switches.