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Rees Concert Lever Double Harps

Rees Concert Line Double Harps include the Double Aberdeen Meadows, Double Mariposa, Double Shaylee Meadows, Double Morgan Meghan and Double Morgan Meadow harps. Lever harps are often also called Irish harps or Celtic harps. We are also the makers of Harpsicle® Harps. Rees has been building harps since 1972. Our harps are hand crafted in Rising Sun, Indiana, United States.

Rees Double Harps

Rees builds a double harp version of all of our Rees Concert Line Harps. These doubles are  the same size as their single course counterparts though they weigh more because of the additional hardware (pins, levers, strings etcetera). They can also do a great deal more. Because there are two parallel courses of strings each hand (treble and bass) have access to all of the octaves and the ability to play directly across from one another within the same octave. This allows for all kinds of new and interesting arrangements for even the most common compositions. Rees Double Concert Line Harps all now come with full sharping on both sides so players can play in alternate tunings or add accidentals to one side and not the other alleviating the need to lever in the middle of a piece. Especially accomplished double harp players can even play chromatically. Perhaps the most fun aspect of playing a double harp are the echo and tremolo effects made possible by doubled strings. The extraordinary harper Laurie Riley has a terrific, detailed video introduction to double harps here. In the video Laurie is playing her Rees Double Aberdeen Meadows Concert Line Harp (discontinued model) and her Double Shaylee Concert Line harp. For a demonstration of a smaller double harp, harper Martha Graham plays her Rees Double Morgan Meghan here. And, in yet another video which may be useful as you consider a double harp, harper Peter Sterling is walking and playing his Rees Double Morgan Meghan here.

Rees Double Harp Base Pricing

Double Morgan Meghan Harp:  $3,500 US

Double Shaylee Meadows Harp:  $4,200 US

Double Mariposa Harp:  $6,100 US

The base price for a Rees Double Harp depends upon the model. We require 25% of your initial order at the time the order is placed. Prior to ordering any Rees harp please carefully read our Terms and Conditions and our Ordering FAQ  page.  If you are ready to order now just head on in to our Rees Marketplace.

Cynthia Shelhart on her Double Shaylee

Cynthia Shelhart on her Double Shaylee


Doubles (as we call them for short) are SO MUCH FUN!!!! Really. You can do all kinds of new effects along with everything you already love to do with your single course harp. Double harps open up a whole new "harp-tastic" adventure and once you spend just a bit of time with them you will find them to be accessible, easy to learn and open wide to oodles of creativity.

Rees Double Morgan Meadow Concert Line Harp in Cherry with optional Singing Serpent ornamentation in cherry. [Note: this harp is shown with full Truitt sharping instead of the standard Rees sharping.]

Close up of a double harp showing the two rows of strings with an optional hand painted Endless Knot.

Close up of a double harp showing the two rows of strings with an optional hand painted Endless Knot.

Rees Double Logan Meadow (retired model) Concert Line Harp in walnut as seen straight on.

Rees Double Harp Audio Clips

Many people request a clip of the harp being played. We are happy to provide one but with this basic understanding:  any harp will only sound as good as the speakers and the bass and treble pre-sets of your computer. In other words, in many ways our harp will sound like your computer. Additionally, you have no way to compare one harp to another via Mp3 because you have no control over the recording conditions and variables. If you are listening on iTunes, on a computer, you can improve the quality of what you hear in the iTunes Application by going to Window then to Equalizer and, within the equalizer, selecting Acoustic. You might want to boost the Preamp a bit too. If you do this before you play the clip below you may have a result which is a bit closer to how the harp really sounds.

Laurie Riley, who is playing both her Double Aberdeen Meadows and her Double Shaylee Meadows in this YouTube video, has a website full of resources. Cynthia Shelhart, who plays the Double Shaylee Meadows below,  has a number of double harp Mp3s on her website which I do not think are available anywhere else.  Martha Graham is playing her double Morgan Meghan in this YouTube video. Darlene Walton, who worked for us for many years and plays the Double Morgan Meadows clip below, is teaching beginning harp students all around the world through her website.

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